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PT Mitra Berlian Internasional is one of the best companies engaged in commodity Exporter and Supplier in Indonesia. Indonesia is blessed with tropical areas and diverse agricultural wealth. The wet and tropical climate in Indonesia is favorable where in the same and year multiple crops can be grown.

Our superior commodity is produced successfully as the result of the invaluable assistance of our farmers. We have forged a relationship of trust with partners who understand the specifications and expectations to select only the premium products.

Indonesian commodities are vital assets to the government revenue and the country’s economy because around 60% of exports are contributed by them. This requires strategies and policies that are effective in times of rising and falling prices.

There are various development trends in Indonesia related to commodity manufacturer and Supplier. We believe that availability and reputation is the main reason of a successful company. Our goal is to give access to customers around the world to a variety of useful information and materials, anytime.

  1. Candlenut


Candlenuts are in great demand by countries around the world. We as commodity manufacturer provide this one of Indonesian cooking spices that have great quality with low price. Candlenut or Aleurites Moluccana has a similar texture and shape with Macadamia as its relative.

The usefulness of this spice is quite high. Usually, it is used in health, Skin moisturizing industries, and cosmetics. We uphold the quality produced by farmers by providing highly experienced farmers and superior candlenut seeds.

  1. Cashewnut

One of the agricultural wealth in Indonesia is cashew, which is one of the most expensive of commodity manufacturer and Supplier. In term of price, it is ranks at the top after vanilla. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest cashew nut producers after India, Vietnam, East Africa, West Africa, and Brazil.

The main production centers for cashew nuts in Indonesia include West Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Southeast Sulawesi, and Yogyakarta. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture is increasing cashewnut production by working to revitalize cashew trees in these provinces.

  1. Coconut Shell and Wood Charcoal


The coconut’s part that can be used is not only its meat which is processed into copra, coconut milk, and coconut oil. Coconut fruits have abundant properties overall. In this case, the coconut is called the tree of heaven or the tree of life.

The shells are turned into coconut shell charcoal by burning them in a limited air supply. Locally, coconut shell from a commodity manufacturer and Supplier is used mainly in place of wood flour as filler to make mosquito repellents, cleaning of piston engines (as a mild abrasive), and floor coverings.

Because of its great quality, Indonesian wood charcoal even imported by Saudi Arabia worth the US $ 197.8 thousand. This transaction was made after a Saudi Arabian importer visited hardwood charcoal factories in South Kalimantan.

Charcoal has various benefits for health. Recent research shows that in the human body, charcoal is converted into an anticancer agent. This delivery system is more effective without side effects at removing cancer and tumors, and many more.

  1. Chilli


Chilli pepper or Capsicum frutescens is a species of the Solanaceae family which is very popular in tropical countries because of its spicy taste. It is an important spice from a commodity manufacturer and Supplier and can be eaten fresh to increase appetite.

In Indonesia, the morphology of chili peppers of any type is found in the public and the market gives its common name, namely Cabai Rawit although the fruit morphology varies widely. The cillies also have a large variety in their spiciness.

  1. Cinnamon


As a Commodity Exporter and Supplier in Indonesia, we also provide good quality Cinnamon. Our natural cinnamon is identified with great taste. Cassia or also known as Indonesian cinnamon can be found throughout the fertile island but central Sumatra at the foot of Mount Kerinci is the location where the highest quality produced to be processed by a commodity manufacturer and Supplier.

Several studies have found cassia’s benefits such as lowering blood sugar levels. It is antibacterial and antifungal, and anti – inflammatory. For savory and sweet dishes, Cassia is a perfect enhancer. Use it in baked goods, marinades, mixed with tea and coffee, or holiday dishes.

  1. Cocoa bean

The consumption rate of cocoa is rising, due to the chocolate confectioneries that are popular around the world. It is mostly consumed in the form of chocolates, but it also can be found in cosmetics, beverages, toiletries, and medicines and buy from a commodity manufacturer and Supplier.

Indonesian cocoa beans have a net weight and gross weight that are higher than cocoas from China and Papua New Guinea. Soil Genotype, land management, climate, and harvest conditions are factors that affect the cocoa’s characteristics.

  1. Coffee Bean


Today, total areas of 1.24 million hectares are covered by Indonesia’s coffee plantations. The fertile volcanic soil is a place where they grow, hence they have unique flavor and aroma. There are two main types of Indonesian coffee beans they are Robusta and Arabica.

These two types have differentiation mainly in the level of caffeine and their taste. The highest quality coffee beans of our commodity manufacturer and Supplier are sourced from farmers. We pack the beans nicely and deliver them right for you to enjoy.

  1. Copra

Copra is dried coconut meat that is usually split into two parts. The largest coconut grower in the world is Indonesia and the harvest continues throughout the year. Coconut oil extraction is the product of copra and the residue after extraction can be used as animal feed.

Our commodity manufacturer and Supplier source high – quality copra for then processed. The climate of several regions in Indonesia is ideal for coconut growth. We select high – quality ripe beans for our copra and heat them until the moisture content is minimal.

  1. Clove

As a Commodity Exporter and Supplier in Indonesia, we also provide good quality Clove. The best quality cloves in the world is comes from Indonesia. The taste is very strong and spicy. This Syzygium aromaticum is from the Mirtaceae tree family, cloves are dried flowers. Cloves used as herbal medicine and also used as one of cooking spices.

Cloves from our commodity manufacturer and Supplier contain many nutrients. Two grams or about one teaspoon of cloves, contains one gram of carbohydrate, 21 calories of energy, and fiber. In addition, cloves also contain calcium, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E.

  1. Garlic

Indonesia garlic has started to be exported to the global market. According to the BPS (Statistics Indonesia), 81 tons of garlic are exported during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Export to Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore.

Commodity manufacturer and Supplier continued to be encouraged by the government to increase the cultivation of garlic so that export value garlic and its quality can still be produced. Compared to garlic from abroad, Indonesian garlic has a stronger aroma. It is because of the abundant content of Allicin compounds.

  1. Ginger

Fresh ginger, high taste and fiber, famous for beauty and medicine products, and super healthy foods. Java the spice ginger from our commodity manufacturer is an underground rhizome of the ginger plant, which is botanically known as Zingiber Officinale.

Ginger rhizome flesh is depending on the variety. They can be white, red, or yellow. Ginger smells good, is tastes hot and strong. The ginger root of the underground stem can be consumed fresh, dried as a spice, made into powder, in the form of oil, or as a juice.

  1. Maize

Maize or corn is a grain crop, which is native to Southern Mexico. Corn kernels are the most consumed part and hold most of the nutrients. It is a good reason to buy them from our commodity manufacturer and Supplier.

The total harvested area of Indonesia of food crops is located in Java. We provide fresh maize for you with great nutrients. Indonesia is the fifth and third maize and rice largest producer country in the world.

  1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is known for its benefits for digestive health and it detoxifying effects. Usually used in dishes to add a spicy warmth. Get it from our commodity manufacturer and Supplier and use it in pies and puddings or even to season fish and meat for a deep flavor.

It is the most commercial spice in Indonesia. The largest producer of nutmeg with high quality in the world is Indonesia. Indonesia has almost 50% of the world market share. We collect nutmeg from the Indonesian archipelago. We offer high – quality values of Indonesian nutmeg.

  1. Peanut

Peanut or Arachis Hypongea is a famous food of commodity manufacturer and Supplier that is cultivated widely in Indonesia. Indonesia, which has an average import growth of peanuts of 3.7% per year, is the second – largest importer in the world.

We provide high – quality seeds, through good agricultural practices, improving post – harvest processing, using effective crop protection products, as well as providing better access to better markets and capital. Get the best quality of peanut from our company at affordable price.

  1. Pepper

As a Commodity Exporter and Supplier in Indonesia, we also provide good quality Pepper. Pepper from our commodity manufacturer and Supplier offers a variety of benefits for health, it does not only add flavor to the foods. The health benefits of pepper often we don’t consider because, in our diet, they seem like a very small part.

For thousands of years, pepper has been a must – have staple spice in foods and all countries. We can provide pepper with a delicious and spicy taste and according to the tongue of the consumen. Our spices are ensured to meet the highest standards and best quality checking for consumers.

  1. Red onion

The most used parts of red onion are tubers although flowers and leaves are also used in some culinary traditions as seasonings. This plant is predictable to have come from South East Asia and Central Asia and well maintained by commodity manufacturer and Suppliers.

Potassium, vitamin C, Folic acid and fiber, iron, calcium, and protein are nutrients contained in red onion. Because of its sulfur content, it also can prevent cancer, kill diphtheria microbes, tuberculosis microbe, and amoebic dysentery.

  1. Tomato

Quantitatively, tomatoes are nonstarchical most consumed vegetable and source of dietary Lycopene; a potent antioxidant that has higher bioavailability after cooking and processing. Many studies support an inverse relationship between the risk of certain cancers and consuming tomatoes.

We as trustable commodity manufacturer and Supplier guarantee superior tomato products that hold a great sources of nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, folate, and vitamin K and can be processed for various products and purposes.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is commonly used in the Asian countries as a cooking spice. For various diseases, turmeric is also used as an ingredient. It tastes bitter and warm, and is commonly used to flavor in ingredients such as curries, cheese, mustard, or even butter.

It is a major part of Ayurvedic medicine and has been used for a long time in Asian countries. First, it was used as a dye and also for medical purposes. We offer the famous Indonesian turmeric with high curcumin content and high quality.

  1. Vanilla

One of the countries that produce Vanilla seeds is Indonesia. Vanilla from commodity manufacturer and Suppliers is used in various foods as popular flavorings in the world. Many desserts use dishes such as pudding, ice cream, and many more that use it.

Vanilla is also used to add flavor to sauce and drinks. Vanilla is among expensive commodities in the world. This plant is also known as green gold because the price is expensive enough.

  1. Indonesia Lemon Pepper (Sichuan pepper)

Indonesia lemon pepper or also known as Andaliman is the shrub’s well grown only in the highlands of the district Tapanuli Utara, Hasundutan, and Toba Samosir, and hardly found in other areas in Indonesia. It is consumed in several countries by commodity manufacturer and Supplier.

They are such as Japan, China, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Korea, Himalaya, and Myanmar and call lemon pepper with their designation respectively. It looks like pepper, belongs to the genus Zanthoxylum acanthopodium, citrus tribe. It smells like lemon, a little tangy that always sticks in mind.

Our priority is quality. We have been trusted by many countries and have extensive experience in food quality assurance, procurement, laboratory testing, packaging and shipping. Cooperate with us as manufacturers and suppliers you can trust and you can use our services if you need supplier services.

Seaweed is also known as sea vegetable. This many kinds of food to be consumed.

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