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PT Mitra Berlian Internasional is one of the best commodity Exporters and suppliers in Indonesia with the pride of high-quality local products. Due to the wide array of fresh and high-quality items, our hard work has successfully garnered more potential markets. With trained professionals and infrastructure, we can note that the service we provide will always over the top.

Some Fresh Product That Available In Our Company

  1. Candlenut


We serve you fresh and local candlenut that is known as the prime ingredient for food and medicine. The Aleurites Molucannus also commonly known as Lumbangtree, Indian walnut, Buah Keras, or Belgaum Walnut is a native of Indo-Malaysia. The nut itself is 4-6 centimeter in diameter with a hard shell in green and brown.

The product is particularly important or often used for culinary aspects, such as for stew or curries. Included in the dry herb category, the candlenuts offer oily, nutty, and mildly bitter, which also contributes to making thicker gravy for food. It can also extract to get natural healthy oil.

  1. Cashewnut


Indonesia contains numerous plant-based products that have many applications. Including the delicious expensive cashewnut. The cashew nut is famous among snack and cooking ingredients. It is also a prime ingredient for Indian and Pakistani cuisine since it can garnish sweet for curries.

The nut that has a liver-like appearance is one of the safe food to consume as snacks. It also pretty much possible to use the product as medicine. The roasted cashew also one of many ingredients for chocolate garnish or topping. It is also found by many research that it can boost the growth of good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.

  1. Coconut Shell And Wood Charcoal


Our company also serve as one of many trusted coconut shell and wood charcoal commodity Exporter and supplier. The two particular charcoals are two of many local products that gain a lot of export. It is due to the abundance of material available in Indonesia.

For your information, the wood charcoal is made of a wood base. It is the most commonly used for industrial or cooking purposes. The wood base can burn longer, have a distinctive aroma, and sustainable. On the other hand, coconut shell charcoal from old coconut is denser and part of reducing coconut waste.

  1. Chili


Indonesian chili is known for its hot and everlasting taste. Thus, making it one of many major ingredients for hot base culinary. In Indonesia itself, chili is known for its numerous types and level of spiciness. The most known one is the Chili Peppers or Cabe, which play a central role in local cuisine.

The product appears as a big chili with red or greenish skin. It might not as hot as the Cabe Rawit (cayenne chili), but it still dominates the entire section of Indonesian markets. It is not so different from the cayenne chili that is known for its tiny size but incredibly hot and pungent taste.

  1. Cinnamon


Indonesia is famous for its herb and spices, so our company also provide cinnamon as one of the essential spices. Cinnamon itself is made from the inner specific tress. Throughout history, this material is known to have powerful medicinal properties. It comes with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and many other health benefits.

Other than medicine, this sweet-smelling material is one of the basic elements for local and international cuisine. The product we provide is the Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon cinnamon that serve the same purposes. You can use it to add sweet-spicy flavor and distinctive fragrance to dishes.

  1. Cocoa Bean


As one of the best commodity Exporter and supplier in Indonesia, we also serve the local pride “Cocoa Bean”. The tropical and archipelago states make Indonesia a perfect location to cultivate cocoa beans. It is also worth mentioning that the Indonesian Cocoa product is farmed from Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, and Bali.

With the vast range of origins, you can say that the Indonesian Cocoa bean will come with a distinctive flavor. It means that the product used as bais of chocolate can be the primary ingredient for chocolate production. It is also containing antioxidant properties that make it healthy.

  1. Coffee Bean


Just as vast as the cocoa bean, the Indonesian coffee bean is one among many commodity products in this archipelago country. Due to the geographic location and archipelago condition, each of the regions can provide different tasting coffee beans. Thus, making it one of the demanded product.

Our company will serve high-quality local coffee beans that will satiate your thirst. The deeply preserved quality beans will be the main component to create wide arrays of coffee-based beverages. At the same time, the coffee itself also has a distinct acidity level, natural aroma, and bodies.

  1. Copra


If you never heard about Copra, then you should underline that this product is a coconut-based material. The Copra itself refers to the dried section of the coconut meat. It is the kernel of the coconut palm, which is used to be extracted for oil. The residue of extraction will be used as coconut oil cake.

The coconut copra cake is mostly used for livestock feed. Naturally growing coconut palm is the main source of Copra, and Indonesia is the best place for cultivation. The coconut’s shell will be removed, broke, and dried using kiln, smoke, or sun drying.

  1. Clove


Indonesia is also filled with several Cloves. The plant-based spice is mostly grown in Asia and South America. In its final form, clove appears such as a dried flower with a distinctive aroma. Most Indonesians call it Cengkeh, which is also one of the dominant parts of local cuisine.

It is not only local, but cloves are also popular in Africa, the Mediterranean, to the middle east countries. In case you don’t know, cloves can give an aromatic smell and a tad bit bitter flavor for a hot beverage. It is also very common for cuisine or used as the Indonesian kretek cigarettes and other international cigarettes.

  1. Garlic


One of our mission is to be the commodity Exporter and supplier that can be a reliable source of fresh products. In the case of Garlic, we can provide you fresh items that also come in high quality. In a matter of fact, our garlic product is among one of the popular from other product.

You will need the best product since garlic is one of many essential parts of the culinary aspect. Garlic or Bawang Putih itself has a very long history as a culinary ingredient and medicine. It contains sulfur, which makes it taste bitter and smelly in its raw state. But it can enhance food taste when mixed in cuisine.

  1. Ginger


The item also beneficial for cooking and medicine, which is believed and proven can help to heal nausea, stomach pain, and many more. It is also known that ginger can give a hot sensation by consuming it in hot beverages or cuisine. Thus, making it one of many popular commodity products. We can serve you the fresh and best ginger from Indonesia.

  1. Maize


Together with rice and wheat, maize is an alternative for food calories for many people. The product itself is pretty much consumable in the form of corn syrup, milk, eggs, cheese product, and other cuisine product. In a matter of fact, Maize is a cereal grain made of corn.

Maize bore large molecules (protein, oil, and starch) that has the same potential as rice and wheat.  It is because the product has many beneficial usages, such as general cuisine ingredients, for feedstock, or turned for industrial chemical such as synthetic fibers, low-calorie fat, etc.

  1. Nutmeg


Another native Indonesian spice that you can obtain from our commodity Exporter and supplier is the Nutmeg. For your information, this spice is the inner seed of the mace. It is commonly used for savory dishes, or cream and chess based recipes. It is frequently found in fall desserts and beverages.

To use it for seasoning, the seed will be dried for as long as six to eight weeks. After the procession, the nutmeg will be sold as a whole or ground up. Upon cooking, the native Indonesian spice will add a slightly sweet and nutty smell. It also comes with a distinctly strong aroma.

  1. Peanut


Along with other spice and nuts, our company also serves the freshest high-quality peanut. Peanuts or Arachis hypogaea can be consumed as a snack, or spices for many local cuisines. Most of the time, people will roast the peanut or turn it into peanut butter. Peanuts also have numerous benefits.

Peanut product contains oil, protein, and flour, which is why it is popular for a variety of food. It including cakes, desserts, snacks, sauces, or confectionery. Peanut has healthy nutrients, protein, and fat. Thus, it can aid weight loss, or even linked with boosting heart health.

  1. Pepper


Indonesia has a very long history regarding pepper as a commodity. Traced back to the 15th century, Indonesian pepper is grown and traded way before the colonial period. Thus, there are tons of plantations that provide high quality, fruitful, and beneficial pepper throughout Indonesia.

The spicy substance itself in Indonesia is known as black pepper. Cultivated at Lampung and other locations, this product has burning pungency, aroma, and taste. Making it one of much popular spice for all kinds of cuisine. To help you get the best product, our company will serve you the best pepper ever.

  1. Red Onion


Red onion is part of the spices that go well with garlic. It has red skin with white flesh tinged with red. Sometimes people call this product purple onion due to the purple color of its skin. Once again, this is one of the major ingredients for many kinds of foods.

It adds astringency and sweetness to the food. When it is cooked longer, it will get sweeter and give a distinctive aroma. Most of the time, it is used for salad dressing because of the beautiful color of its meat. On the other hand, onion also bore high antioxidants that help increase the immune system.

  1. Tomato


The red edible berry is one of the biggest commodity in Indonesia. Tomato itself is pretty common and easy to find in many countries or locations. However, we can serve you the fresh garden tomato at your door. You can say that freshness is number one when it comes to this product.

The fresh tomato can give you many health benefits from its nutrient and vitamins. Tomato is a superfood since it can aid weight loss, increase antioxidants, prevent cancers, and many more. Along with it, the fresh tomato will taste better and also a great addition to many cuisines.

  1. Turmeric


Harvested from the turmeric plant, this spice is one of the biggest commodity for Asian food. But it doesn’t mean this product will not go well with western cuisine. In this case, our company will be the helper for those who are looking for fresh turmeric products.

In this case, the turmeric product is known for its usage and as a versatile spice. It can provide a warm, and bitter taste. Thus, it is very much known for butter, mustard, curry powder, or cheese. It is also widely used for medicine because it can aid depression, liver disease, high cholesterol, etc.

  1. Vanilla


Our company can serve you the fresh and expensive vanilla spice as well. This spice is always one of many demanded products since it has never-ending usage. Derived from the orchid of Vanilla, the vanilla is very popular for food and beverage uses. It can be used as food or beverage flavoring that adds sweet taste and aroma, but you can find it on cosmetic products as well.

  1. Indonesia Lemon Pepper (Sichuan Pepper)


We can provide you the Indonesian lemon pepper that starting to gain global attention. This local spice is known as Merica Batak or Sichuan pepper. The spice itself is derived from a plant of the Zanthoxylum family. It has an orangey flavor with a bit of spicy taste, which makes it popular for Asian cuisine in china or japan.


As one of the dishes of Asian countries, seaweed is famous for its delicacy. Not only can you pamper your tongue, seaweed or seaweed also has health benefits, you know.

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