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We are Fresh Seaweed Supplier in Indonesia. As one of the dishes of Asian countries, seaweed is famous for its delicacy. Not only can you pamper your tongue, seaweed or seaweed also has health benefits, you know. The use of seaweed has been popular since 300 BC in East Asia. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture was spread all over countries.

The Romans believed that seaweed could treat various health problems, such as burns and skin rashes. However, seaweed also contains some pollutants from the sea and has the potential to harm health. Therefore, you should not consume seaweed carelessly. Check out the benefits of seaweed and the risks of consuming it below.

Types of Seaweed That Are Safe For Consumption by Fresh Seaweed Supplier And Manufacture

Seaweed belongs to the group of multi-cell algae (algae) and consists of several types, namely brown, red, and green algae. For centuries, seaweed has been used as an ingredient in medicine, industry, and food because of its nutritional content. Fresh Seaweed Supplier And Manufacture will try to give the best seaweed.

Indeed, until now, there have not been many clinical trials that recommend the use of seaweed for treatment. Even so, it’s fine if you want to eat seaweed. The benefits of this seaweed have been trusted by ancient people, especially as a source of important nutrients.

There are various types of seaweed that can be consumed both fresh, dried, in cooking, to powdered supplements from fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture , including:

  • Nori: Red algae that is then processed into dry sheets and used to roll sushi.
  • Sea lettuce: Green nori, resembling lettuce leaves, can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in soups.
  • Kelp: Brown algae that is processed and dried into sheets. Usually used for gluten-free noodles.
  • Kombu: A type of seaweed with a strong taste and is commonly used to make soup stock.
  • Arame: Seaweed with a mild, sweet taste and a strong texture. This type of seaweed can be used in a variety of dishes, including baked goods.
  • Wakame: Brown algae commonly used to make fresh seaweed salads. It can also be cooked for soup or stewed.
  • Dulse: Red algae with a softer and more chewy texture. This seaweed is used to add flavor for any kinds of dishes as dry snack.
  • Chlorella: Green freshwater algae that is generally processed into supplements in powder form.
  • Agar-agar and carrageenan: Jelly form which is usually used as a binder and thickener in various commercially sold food products.
  • Spirulina: usually is sold in tablet, flake or powder form can be medicine.

One of the co-founders of seaweed products, Annie Chun once said that roasted seaweed is a healthy food even more than potato chips. He even claims that his company produces minimally processed, organic products, and is GMO-free. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture prepared fresh seaweed to consumtion.


Roasted Fresh-Seaweed Process

Roasted seaweed products are usually available in various flavors such as roasted coconut, original, sriracha almond, teriyaki, sesame almond, and others. All go through the same manufacturing process at the manufacturer’s factory. The following are simple processing steps:

Harvesting Fresh Seaweed

First, producers will mostly take fresh seaweed in the coastal area of ​​Jangheung, South Korea. This area has always been a place to hunt saweed, which is crowded with buyers and is well known. The retrieval process is carried out by local fishermen using large nets.

They usually take the red seaweed, but when taken raw, it looks more like a pile of black mud. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture always through this process.

Processing in Factory

The next process, the seaweed will be brought to the factory to be cleaned and processed properly. Processing starts from washing, made in sheet form, until it can be dried. This drying can take up to several days.

All of these processes use high-tech production machines. After drying, the next step is roasting. The seaweed will be roasted twice, first after drying, and second after seasoning. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture always this all process to get best seaweed for consumtion.


Well, after the sheet of seaweed is finished roasting, then cut it again into smaller pieces. This size can actually be varied variously. Usually depends on the rules of the manufacturer or product variants. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture prepared many variant.

Finally, roasted seaweed will go through a 3-stage packaging process. The first is put in a kind of plastic packaging, the second is a box, and the third is placed and arranged in a larger cardboard box.

That’s the process of processing roasted seaweed used by seaweed snack producers. About the health benefits, these baked goods contain vitamin B12, potassium, and are high in iodine. This can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Fresh seaweed supplier and manufacture prepared the best seaweed consumtion.

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