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pepper is being utilized for some reasons. Additionally, it likewise has being utilized for a long time. As the flavor, pepper is frequently utilized as fixing in food and furthermore refreshment.

Alongside of having delightful taste that make numerous individuals love it, pepper likewise can give great impact to our wellbeing.

As the consequence of having numerous favorable circumstances, it is ordinary if pepper become one of global ware.

Besides, if discussing pepper, numerous nations anxious to pay higher to get the one that has high caliber.

There are numerous nations that become exporter of pepper. Indonesia is one of nation that can supply top notch pepper. Not just have top notch pepper, Indonesia even has more than one assortment of pepper.

Until this time, Indonesia has 3 assortments of pepper.

When discussing the pepper exporter from Indonesia, our organization is one of the exporters that have set up our name for a long time. Our organization has incredible standing as pepper exporter from Indonesia.

The majority of our client is coming from European nations.

In addition, we likewise settled pepper send out concurrence with some of Asian nations of late. The vast majority of our client is utilized our pepper as the element for their item.

From year to year, our organization consistently get all the more new client. Notwithstanding, our organization actually keeps up our unwavering client as well.

There are numerous things that our organization consistently does to guarantee that we can supply the specific measure of pepper that our client need. Here are some significant things that our organization does to guarantee our pepper supply:

Continuously increment the measure of land to deliver more pepper

Consistently, our organization spends interest in expanding the measure of land to create more pepper.

With doing it, our organization can keep up to give the specific measure of pepper that our client need.

Helping out other nearby rancher

Not just produce our own pepper, our organization likewise cooperates with neighborhood rancher.

Our organization likewise purchased the pepper that delivered by neighborhood rancher. In any case, our organization utilizes the exacting principle to check the nature of pepper from nearby rancher. It is being done to guarantee that we are consistently ready to convey excellent pepper to our client.

Utilize present day innovation to upgrade our creation line The exact opposite thing that our organization consistently does to guarantee ready to convey great pepper in accurate add up to our client is by utilizing current innovation in our creation line.

With utilizing the cutting edge innovation in our creation line, our organization can deliver more pepper in less time than previously. Next to of that, with utilizing present day innovation, our organization is likewise ready to keep up neatness of our pepper.


Indonesia Commodity Exporters and Suppliers provides various kinds of pepper that you can use for your pepper needs. Pepper, also called pepper or sahang, which has the Latin name Piper nigrum is a plant that is rich in chemical substances, such as pepper oil, fatty oil, and starch. Pepper is slightly bitter, spicy, warm, and antipyretic.

This plant has been discovered and known since tens of centuries ago. In general, people only know white and black pepper, which are often used as spices in the kitchen. This plant is one of the world’s trade commodities and more than 80% of Indonesian pepper is exported to foreign countries.

In addition, pepper has the title The King of Spice (King of Spices) where the demand for pepper in the world in 2000 reached 280,000 tons. Pepper is one of the plants that reproduce by seed, but many farmers prefer to do the tapping to develop it. They cut the stems roughly 0.25-0.5 meters in length.

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Pepper Exporter and Supplier from Indonesia


Pepperany of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppersMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)



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