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Red onion is one of significant element for food. Red onion can be named one of fixing that you generally need when cook a food. Next to of typically being utilized as the fundamental food fixing, red onion is as yet being utilized for some reasons.

In view of being utilized for some reasons, that is the reason red onion gets one of immense product around the globe. Pretty much every nation needs red onion, and a portion of that nations need more than other.

When discussing red onion, Indonesia is one of nation that has abundance measure of red onion since 2017. It is on the grounds that Indonesia effectively spread red onion development around.

There are numerous grounds that currently are being utilized to develop red onion. As the aftereffect of having abundance measure of red onion, Indonesia gets one of nation that offer red onion as ware to different nations.

Our organization is one of Indonesia exporter for red onion ware. We have sent out excellent red onion well before 2017. Also, our organization can supply more after 2017.

After 2017, our organization is additionally ready to supply more nations in Asian mainland, yet in addition in European mainland. There are numerous things that create our organization can get more clients. Here are a portion of our organization’s insider facts that can make more steadfast client come:

The best quality and cost for red onion

The primary thing that we generally assurance to our client is about our red onion quality. Our organization is adequately fearless to ensure that we can convey the best quality red onion since we just utilize the best seed. Not just plant the best seed, we likewise give the best development strategy to get top notch red onion.

Besides, our organization is likewise still ready to save the cost in typical condition for our client. It is on the grounds that the greater part of the red onion that we convey to our client is planted in our own territory.

Severe guideline in quality check

The other thing that generally causes our client to become steadfast client is on the grounds that our organization has severe standard for quality check.

With having that severe principle, we can ensure that we generally ready to convey the first class red onion to our client.

Our organization just works with the experience To give top notch item to our client, our organization keeps up to work just with the experience one. We have helped out many experienced rancher who have developed red onion for a long time.

That is the reason; it searches simple for us to convey excellent red onion that satisfy with our client need.


Indonesia Commodity Exporters and Suppliers provides various kinds of Red onion  that you can use for your Red onion  needs. Red onion flowers are compound flowers in the form of bunches which stem from 50-200 flowers. At the end and base of the stem shrinks and in the middle it swells, it looks like a pipe with a hole in it. The flower bunch stalks are very long, taller than the leaves themselves and reach 30–50 cm.

Onion flowers are perfect flowers where each flower has a stamen and a pistil. Fruit will actually be formed from 3 fruit leaves called carpel, which form three spaces and in each space there are 2 prospective seeds. Fruits are round with blunt ends. The shape of the seeds is slightly flattened. Onion seeds can be used as a generative plant propagation material.

Red onions contain vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folic acid. In addition, onions also contain calcium and iron. Onions also contain natural growth regulators in the form of the hormones auxin and gibberellin. Another use of red onion is as a traditional medicine, it is known as a medicine because it contains antiseptic effects and alliin compounds. The alliin compound by the alliinase enzyme is then converted into pyruvic acid, ammonia, and alliisin as anti-microbial which is bactericidal.

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Red onion Exporter and Supplier from Indonesia


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